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Ratatat at Fox Pomona 2015

Image of Ratatat at Fox Pomona 2015


The poster is for Ratatat and the Fox Theater in Pomona for Goldenvoice LA, and it was printed from my parents' garage right here in Irvine. It is the largest and most badass poster that I have ever printed by hand. I recently purchased all new inks and screens and they performed exceptionally. This poster is 23x35" and printed with the finest water-based inks from TW Graphics, based right here in Socal. I have also made the switch to environmentally friendly drain-safe ink wash and reclaim solution, so you've never seen a more eco-friendly poster from Zio.

The artwork for this poster features fully hand drawn linework including all relevant text (excluding my tagline at the bottom). The central image is a snarling leopard printed in gold (referencing the album art for Ratatat's seminal "Classics" record. From the mouth of the leopard are swarming monarch butterflies, printed in luxurious black and a glowing yellow to red split fountain, propelling them into the foreground. Each adorable little butterfly has a white skull resting above its wings. Behind the "wildcat" are blackbirds bursting into flight, with their varied yellow to orange colored wing-spots on display. Yes this badboy glows under the sun and under the blacklight. A note about the gold ink: It is actually made from a synthetic polyester pigment, so it wont tarnish even though it's water-based ink.